Quality education for all Victorian students

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The Morrison government has not committed to funding early childhood education beyond 2019. We’re campaigning for secure, ongoing funding for 15 hours of preschool for all three and four-year-olds, delivered by a degree-qualified early childhood teachers and co-educators. 

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Victoria is growing by 3,000 people every week. This means that 90,000 new students will enter Victoria’s schools in the next five years. Victoria needs a government that will commit to funding our students to the national average and deliver 1600 additional teachers to make sure no child gets left behind.

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Victoria needs job-ready graduates – and that means a strong vocational education system with TAFE at the centre. We need a government that will guarantee at least 70% of vocational education funding goes to our public TAFEs.

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Who are we?

Put Education First is a campaign about making sure Victoria’s public education system supports every student, teacher, principal, support staff and educator. We are a network of parents, educators and community members standing together for public education in Victoria. From preschool, to school and TAFE – public education is an investment in our future. Everyone, no matter your income or circumstance, deserves a quality education. Join the campaign to be part of the movement calling for more investment, more staff and better access to education in Victoria. More