Every Victorian child deserves access to a preschool education

No child should miss out on preschool due to cost

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How do the major parties stack up in Victoria?

Labor Party

Track Record

$135.9 million boost to early childhood services


$5 billion early childhood package to fund 15 hours of preschool a week for all three-year-olds, including $1.68 billion for new and upgraded preschools

Commitment to train 7,000 new preschool teachers and educators

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care added to the free TAFE course list

Liberal Party

Track Record

No enterprise agreements, commitments or investment in early childhood


No early childhood commitments

What is the state of preschool education in Victoria?

Two years of early childhood education with a qualified preschool teacher sets up children for a life of learning, but not all children are getting this opportunity.

Children are missing out

Right now, more than 50% of three-year-olds in Victoria are missing out on a preschool education because of prohibitive costs.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are most affected

The majority of these children come from disadvantaged backgrounds and would benefit from the extra learning support a qualified preschool teacher can provide.

Preschools funding is not secure

The federal Morrison government is refusing to fund four-year-old preschool education beyond 2019 – which means many Victorian children will only receive 10 hours per week of preschool.

Our children deserve better

Give every child a chance

Every child deserves the chance to benefit from three and four-year-old preschool, regardless of their parents’ capacity to pay.

Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Labor Party have committed to funding 15 hours per week of preschool for every 3-year-old in Victoria. The impact of this commitment on our future prosperity cannot be overstated.

Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party have been silent on early childhood education.

Joanne - parent

“Preschool is such an important step in a child’s education. Children develop language, social skills and emotional intelligence in an environment that is safe and nurturing. So many children will miss out on life-long skills if they don’t have enough time in preschool education. 15 hours of preschool benefits children for life!”