Every public school student deserves a quality education

We need a state government that commits to funding Victorian students to at least the national average

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What is the situation with public school education in Victoria?

Well-funded public education is essential for growing communities to thrive. Public schools educate the majority of Victorian students, including 80% of students facing disadvantage. We need investment in our schools so that every child gets the individual support they need.

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The lowest funded schools in Australia

Victorian public school students are the lowest funded in the country and have been for the last 10 years. Significant recent investment by the Andrews state government has narrowed the gap by $904, but Victorian students are still $1589 per student below the national average.

There are not enough teachers

Currently, there are not enough teachers in public schools to give students the individualised attention and support they need. This is a real problem, especially for students with learning difficulties, disability or who might have problems at home.

Our teachers are overworked

Public school teachers are overworked – most work 53 hour weeks – and are not given adequate time for lesson planning and professional development. This means they are not able to deliver the quality they would like.

Our public school children deserve better

The solution

1600 extra teachers every year

Victoria needs more teachers. Victoria’s population is growing by 3000 people every week, which means that 180,000 new students will enter Victoria’s schools in the next decade.
We need a government that will commit to delivering at least 1600 new teachers every year for the next decade in addition to those needed for growth.

The solution

Increase funding for our schools

Victorian students deserve to be funded to at least the national average. We need a state government that commits to bringing Victoria’s student funding in line with the rest of the country.

Tom - Student

Tom has Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that affects people’s communication and socialisation abilities. Tom’s mother, Jody, says, “Kids like Tom can get so lost in the education system. There needs to be more funding to help these kids within all schools.”