Every Victorian should be able to access a strong and stable public TAFE system.

Our state government must invest in TAFE.

What is the state of TAFE in Victoria?

Our public TAFE system needs greater investment to meet the needs of students, industry and the economy. The Victorian government must continue to put TAFE at the centre of our vocational education and training sector.

Chronic underfunding

For more than a decade, government funding has not met the basic costs of course delivery. Students have been missing out, with TAFEs forced to cut back teaching hours. The Victorian government must boost funding so that every TAFE can meet the full costs of educating a highly skilled workforce.

Contestable funding a failure

The current ‘contestable funding model’ means public TAFEs are forced to compete with for profit private providers for government subsidies. This has led to courses being cut, the closure of TAFE campuses, and a race to the bottom in terms of delivery hours and the quality of education provided to students.

Qualified, properly supported teachers

The vast majority of TAFE teachers say their workloads are unmanageable, with three-quarters thinking of leaving the system. We need a comprehensive plan with the right investment to attract and retain teachers in our TAFEs.