Every Victorian deserves access to TAFE

The Liberal Morrison government has slashed funding for TAFE

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What is the state of TAFE in Victoria?

TAFE is the backbone of local industry – but the Liberal Morrison government slashed $3 billion from the vocational education budget. Morrison’s cuts to TAFE affects students teachers, our TAFEs and our whole community.

Public money given to private providers

Public money has been wasted on private providers who offer lesser quality courses at inflated prices to increase their profits.

TAFE has been mismanaged

Despite skills shortages in local industries, apprenticeship numbers have fallen under the Liberal Morrison government.

More bad debt for students

The Morrison government has continued to load students up with debt through the VET loan scheme.

Our TAFE system deserves better

The solution

Increase share of funding for public TAFEs

We need a government that will invest at least 70% of government vocational education funding in our public TAFEs.

The solution

Ensure quality qualifications and teaching for TAFE

Develop a Victorian comprehensive curriculum across all qualifications, delivered by fully qualified and registered TAFE teachers.

Vincent – Lawyer and TAFE graduate

Vincent Shin wanted to be a lawyer, but after a difficult childhood, he had a low ATAR. Instead of being defeated, Vince completed a Legal Services qualification at TAFE, which allowed him to take on a Bachelor of Law. Vincent is a lawyer helping people in Melbourne’s West.