Every Victorian deserves access to quality vocational education

We’ve seen the ‘rescue’ and the ‘stabilisation’ of TAFE, but it is far from being ‘saved’. It’s time for that to change.

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What is the current situation with TAFE education in Victoria?

TAFEs deliver high quality education – they’re trusted by industry professionals and the community to educate the skilled workers Victoria needs. The Andrews government has reinvested significantly, but the TAFE system needs more support and investment to ensure it can again become the pre-eminent provider of vocational education.

Public TAFEs have been neglected

TAFE is the backbone of Victoria’s vocational education system. TAFEs employ qualified teachers to give students real skills for skill jobs. But from 2008-14 we saw the steady decline of TAFE due to the actions of successive governments.

Low quality private companies undercut TAFEs

Our public TAFEs are forced to compete with profit-driven private training providers who cut corners at students’ expense, don’t have to hire qualified teaching staff, and don’t deliver the skilled, job-ready graduates the community needs.

Quality standards are inconsistent

While TAFEs are required to employ only qualified teachers, private providers are not held to the same requirements. In delivering a higher quality education, TAFEs incur higher costs, making it impossible for them to compete on a level playing field with private providers.

Our TAFE system deserves better

The solution

Increase share of funding for public TAFEs

We need a government that will guarantee at least 70% of Victorian government vocational education funding goes to our public TAFEs.

The solution

Ensure quality qualifications and teaching for TAFE

Develop a Victorian comprehensive curriculum across all qualifications, delivered by fully qualified and registered TAFE teachers.

Vincent – Lawyer and TAFE graduate

Vincent Shin wanted to be a lawyer, but after a difficult childhood, he had a low ATAR. Instead of being defeated, Vince completed a Legal Services qualification at TAFE, which allowed him to take on a Bachelor of Law. Vincent is a lawyer helping people in Melbourne’s West.