Every Victorian should be able to access a strong and stable TAFE sector.

The Morrison government cannot be trusted to deliver.

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What is the state of TAFE in Victoria?

Our public TAFE system is in crisis. The Coalition has ripped more than $3 billion from the TAFE sector since it came to power in 2013.

Chronic underfunding

Successive governments have abandoned TAFE, slashing funding to its lowest level since 2008. Funding does not meet the basic costs of delivery, with Victorian TAFEs receiving the lowest rate per contact hour in the country.

Contestable funding a failure

Opening government funding to private companies has led to a flood of underregulated for-profit training organisations driving down quality across the sector.

A record of neglect

When it comes to TAFE, Morrison has a record of gross neglect: $3bn in cuts, thousands of courses cut and jobs lost, and 140,000 fewer apprentices than when elected.